you’re damn right knuckles

its my birthday today huehue



after almost 3 months, grabby’s leaving sweden and going home to the US. we just dropped her off at the airport.

what we thought would be a 3 week trip has come to an end and right now im feeling rather tired and sad. i haven’t been alone in my room since the beginning of may.

at least it means i’ll get time to update more often


Me n Sandle got marriied yesterday we are so tired still jfc that was some kinda cray I love dis lady goddamn



tried to draw laharl from memory

got tagged by pengo to do a thing but my handwriting is p gross

got tagged by pengo to do a thing but my handwriting is p gross

tomorrow we’re gonna pick up my girlfriend at the airport, she’s comming over from america and will be staying for the next 3 weeks im excited!! if things go as planned we’ll be married by the end of her trip isn’t that just rad

altho this means no art for this blog during this time, and commissions will also be closed until i get back.

isn’t that a great excuse for me to advertise my side blog yeah yeah?? it comes with dumb personal text posts (sadly they are often negative rip) and reblogs so if i update it will probably be over there!! Sandette is the name of the blog