geistbox sent: Mirror's Edge has a beautiful ambient soundtrack with a bunch of lovely melodies. Also World of Goo and The Binding of Isaac are some great indie games with some really lovely and moody tunes.


mirror’s edge wasn’t really my thing but world of goo was SO GOOD RLY GOOD ITS EXACTLY WHAT I LOVE thank u for suggesting that

going thru the binding of isaac playlist now so far it sounds p rad

jutsei sent: A REALLY good soundtrack is the Fire Emblem Awakening Soundtrack? My favorites are "Don't Speak Her Name", "Id~ Purpose" and "Mastermind" uvu


dUDE these are GOOD

grogfella sent: I dunno about grand, but the Minecraft soundtracks are really soothing to listen to, so I highly recommend that. Vol. Alpha and Beta can be listened to and/or bought from C418's bandcamp page.


idk its ok, it feels very repetitive and id like it better if it progressed more but…… they’re not bad im just a bit bored by them haha

i have a orchestra version of sweden tho which i rly like its vERY SWEET

demonmaxwell sent: Have you ever listened to the Transistor Soundtrack? That stuff is pretty amazing.


its p cool! its different i’ll give it that, reminds me of a big city haha

hey so guys im having a miGHTY NEED for some emotional soundtracks for inspiration, i usually collect music at the end of every month but this month is lacking!

yE so to thank people for taking their time to send me things, i’ll doodle their current icon (i’ll do 10 of these, if i even get that many?? ive never done this before haha)

ok dang send me any good soundtracks you can think of, preferably something grand (think world of worcraft ost)


I like to imagine that sonic is a bit of a douche like in satAM

man i dont even know but like it has happend a couple of times now i have bizarre dreams where im dave strider or whatever his name is and all i know is that i feel hella cool but

ive never read homestuck???

the tiny will rise

i love terriermon

rayman whats your problem

rayman whats your problem